Thursday, July 23, 2015

#tbt - Throw Back Thursday

I have a few scanned family photos that I've never shown. These are photos from my Aunt Mae's collection; group photos with Mae and her friends in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles, 1925. Mae, bottom row, second from left

I do love how dressed up all the kids are in the photo above. This must have been someone's backyard birthday party. At the time, my grandparents lived in the West Adams area of Los Angeles. Notice the old clothesline and the wire fence?

Los Angeles, 1937. Mae, right in plaid skirt

This appears to be a hillside neighborhood. My Aunt Mae has told me stories of riding the red car to visit friends in Los Feliz and Silver Lake. I know she was in high school at the time. I've never heard of Club Chathert (sp?). I must ask Mae the next time I see her! Check out those adorable hairstyles and clothes!

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