Thursday, July 09, 2015

Vintage? Phooey!

Copyright 1963. Price $1

I ran across this pattern book called "Campus Hand Knits" by Bear Brand and Fleisher Yarns dated 1963. After leafing through the patterns, I realized that these sweaters are every bit as cute today as they were in 1963! The only thing that has changed are the hairstyles and even they are back in fashion! Some of the photo poses, props and backgrounds are a bit dated, but I've found recent pattern books trying to emulate the look and photo style of these old books.  Everything old is new again.
I'd wear almost any of these sweaters!
Click on pic to see close-up of cool radio with handle!

I LOVE that golden cardigan!

Who doesn't love a blonde in pigtails holding a cute puppy? Everything about this photo is cuddly.

Is that a Cossack hat or is she just having a bad hair day?

OK, I'm getting out my long, straight aluminum knitting needles, some nice old yarn, pencil and my notepad and getting started!

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