Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Grid-tastic Cravat

Grid-Tastic Cravat

Souvenir yarn. Yes, this is a thing. When you're on vacation and stop into a yarn shop, you like to pick up a skein of souvenir yarn. This does not count toward your entire yarn stash. This is extra, a little lagniappe (bonus). Usually, only one skein is purchased, probably for a scarf or small project, never a sweater's-worth of yarn. It's a remembrance of your lovely vacation or field trip.

I picked up this little skein of Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock Yarn, colorway, "Firecracker" at the Yarn Over Truck booth during Vogue Knitting Live in Pasadena last April. The skein contains 420 yards of yarn. I forgot that crochet uses up one-third MORE yarn than knitting. I thought I might get the length of a shawlette from this skein.  At best, this is the length of a short scarf or cravat. I actually find this length scarf most useful. Longer scarves tend to get caught on things as you're walking by. This one is nice and tidy.
The pattern is a basic grid, alternating between a row of double crochet stitches and a row of 3 dc, ch dc while skipping the 3 dc in the row below. Multiple of 3, ending with 3 dc.
This pattern and colorway would also work for a man's scarf. It's sharp and sedate, not frilly.

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At 10:11 PM PST, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Nice! I can see why you chose that yarn as your souvenir--it's gorgeous.

At 7:40 AM PST, Blogger Lenora said...

Love the color!


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