Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Stress

Ack!  Aren't the holidays supposed to be filled with fun, joy and family? This year, my pre-holiday time is filled with S T R E S S !!!
Larry is STILL painting the dining room.  Granted, there was a lot of work to do. The 90 year-old wall-paper needed to be stripped from some of the walls. Sanding, re-plastering, more sanding and lots of steps to make the walls ready for paint. This has set my time-table back. I cannot get into the most important room for the holidays to arrange everything for our multiple celebrations. 

I'm almost done gathering all of the gifts and crocheting a few extra goodies for my friends and family. My neck and shoulder are experiencing a serious case of crochet-ache. Eventually, I'll have to WRAP all of those gifties!
Next up, CLEANING...dusting (lots of plaster dust), vacuuming, polishing and more. I've got the meals planned: Xmas Day brunch...easy-peasy, just our traditional lox, white-fish salad, bagels and cream cheese, fresh fruit, etc. for family and close friends. 

Boxing Day dinner with the KnitGrrlz is planned. I'm making the main meal, the Grrlz are bringing appetizers, salad, wine and dessert. I still have to do a lot of grocery shopping.  I'm particular. I cannot buy everything at one place. The bagels and white-fish salad need to come from The Nosh. The bagels at The Nosh are the squishiest, richest and most delicious bagels in Los Angeles. The lox from Charlie's Deli on Pico aka The Kosher Korridor. The rest of Xmas day yummies from T. Joe's and Ralph's. Boxing Day dinner...fresh chicken from Farmers Market Poultry, the remainder of the ingredients, I'll check out my super-Ralph's on Pico. THEN, I have to figure out all the serving pieces, table settings, etc.
Uh oh...there's also some cookie baking to be accomplished for the neighbors!

Larry still has to put up his vintage aluminum tree and his minimal outside, multi-cultural lights. We must decorate festively.  Oh yeah, we haven't finished designing our holiday card yet. Printing the card, addressing the envelopes, buying the stamps!  Ack!  

Thankfully, my last day at work is this Friday. That will give me a good five days to finish EVERYTHING!

After Boxing Day I will collapse

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