Thursday, December 17, 2015

More Holiday Prep!

Gift Tags by Helen Dardik

Last night I wrapped at least a million gifts for my friends and family!  This is back-breaking work! After I wrapped all the gifts I couldn't find my supply of gift tags! I usually have a bunch of tags stashed away with the ribbons and paper. I must have used them up last year!
The innernets are wonderful. I found FREE gift tags to print by this fabulous artist, Helen Dardik. Her work is very whimsical and sweet. Her blog name is "Orange You Lucky." She is giving away these images to her fans. There are gift tags dating back to 2010. Just navigate her page and you'll find so many adorbs tags to copy and print on card stock. Thank you, Helen.

Helen's art reminds me so much of the work by Mary Blair. Mary was an artist for Disney during the early years, in addition to illustrating children's books. 
The Artwork of Mary Blair
by Mary Blair

There's so much more cool stuff on Helen's blog!  Check it out!  You're welcome.

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