Thursday, January 14, 2016

Counterfeit Crochet

Gucci Counterfeit Crochet Project by Stephanie Syjuco

There was a blog, many years ago, hosted by artist Stephanie Syjuco called "Counterfeit Crochet." This blog has morphed into a more encompassing site, including other projects by Stephanie. Many years ago Stephanie encouraged crocheters to counterfeit designer handbags in yarn, even crocheting the hardware out of yarn! 
Chanel Counterfeit Crochet Project by Stephanie Syjuco

I took this direction to heart and made "Faux"ragamo and Fiore handbags, pictured below.

After seeing my friend, style maven and L.A. historian, Alison Martino at the Wallis Annenberg Theater last week, decked out in 1970s glamour and carrying this fantastic 1970s Gucci Medallion handbag, I decided to look into the Counterfeit Crochet site a bit further. I want a vintage Gucci handbag, but a goofy version. I will call it my "Guffi" Medallion Handbag!

Gucci Medallion Handbag, circa 1970s

I located an crochet chart that will imitate the criss-cross pattern on the original Gucci fabric. 
Stephanie Syjuco's Crochet Chart for Gucci Pattern
There is something so homey and fun seeing these fancy, iconic designer handbags recreated in crochet! I do like Stephanie's idea of actually using yarn for the metal elements of the handbag. I will have to locate my stash of glittering gold yarn to recreate that Gucci/Guffi medallion!!
Yes, we need to start more NEW projects for the NEW YEAR!!

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