Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tough Enough for School!

We received so many dishcloths!

Last summer I participated in the Annual Dishcloth Swap on Ravelry. My friend, Eve is the moderator of this group. Over the Labor Day weekend, Eve, our neighbor Lisa and I sorted and re-grouped all of the dishcloths to send to the participating swappers.  It was a monumental job! There were dishcloths all over our dining room and beyond!
Stacks O' Cotton Dishcloths
Swap Soldiers, Eve, Lisa and Ellen
I LOVE making cotton dishcloths. This day also happened to be close to Lisa's birthday. I made a few extra cloths for Lisa. Then, I made a few more cloths for Lisa. Lisa says that her students at Palms Middle School like to use our luxurious dishcloths to clean off their whiteboards during class. This is a perfect use for the cloths. They are 100% cotton and totally washable!
Whiteboard Washcloths, Tough Enough for School!
Today Lisa sent me a photo of the Whiteboard Washcloths at work! I'm sure the cloths have been washed several times, but they are still sturdy and teen-proof!!
We love cotton washcloths. Here are some easy patterns. When you're between projects, make a washcloth!

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