Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Good Ol' Chabelita

Parking lot side of Chabelita, 2012

Way back in 1999 I read Jonathan Gold's review of Chabelita Tacos in the L.A. Weekly. I've been a devotee ever since. I do believe the place has changed hands a few times since 1999, but the food is still really delicious. I usually order the fish or chicken soft tacos, rice and re-fried beans. Their rice is divine. They must cook it in some sort of stock. The beans are creamy and flavorful. The fish taco is served with salsa and some crema, curtido on the side. Last weekend, Larry ordered the el pastor burrito. Wow!  It was huge enough for two meals and completely tasty.
Fish Taco Combination Plate
Burrito El Pastor

We wouldn't still be patrons of Chabelita if the food wasn't terrific. However, the murals on the walls of this place always knock me out. I see something new every time we visit. Jonathan Gold described the ambiance beautifully, "While you wait, you will have plenty of time to admire the paintings airbrushed onto the plaster, of a beautiful young Latina woman -- Chabelita herself? -- posed with burritos, tacos and a watermelon-size triple-deck cheeseburger that threatens to drip onto her blouse.  My favorite painting is of Chabelita rising from the churning, blue waves like a Venus of the Mariscos, beatifically bestowing octopus tostadas on us all."
I recently noticed that part of the exterior signage on the roof overhang was being repainted. I truly hope that the combination plates, burgers and mariscos paintings return!! 
...and the cow jumped over the table. Parking lot, Chabelita

Chabelita Tacos is on Western Avenue, just north of the Santa Monica Freeway, next door to the Fire Station (convenient) and across the street from this really fantastic A-Frame church!
A-Frame Church across from Chabelita
Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you, Chabelita is open 24 hours! So, if you're just dying for a taco or burrito in the wee hours, stop by...just watch your back at night. I'd take my order to go and make a fast get-a-way on the nearby SM Freeway!

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