Monday, April 25, 2016

Granny Square Handbags

I've made my share of Granny Square handbags and tote bags. I usually construct my bags with the squares positioned at right angles, not on the diagonal. The diagonal granny tote is sometimes called the Häkelbeutel bag. I've seen many of these on German crochet sites. The handles for many of these bags are also crocheted in one or two long strips, then attached to the bag.
I've noticed that when I've made straps in this manner, they tend to stretch out. That's why I've crocheted many bags using existing canvas totes with machine-made handles, as linings for my bags. Essentially, these are just bag cozies!
I was looking through my Ravelry friends' blogs the other day and noticed this bag by Leslie (aka CrochetBug13). I really like the way Leslie made the straps for her bag out of tiny granny squares and then attached the strap to the entire edge of the bag, not just at one point. I believe this will give the bag more strength.
Leslie's Flamingo Tote with Tiny Granny Square Handles

I also found this wonderful diagram on how to assemble different sized bags with diagonally placed squares. Bonanza! 
Summer is near. Time to crochet a few market totes on the diagonal. 

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