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Needlepoint pillows add texture and color to your decor

I've made lots of pillows in my day, crocheted pillows, needlepoint and Bargello pillows, crocheted pillows, knitted pillows, patchwork fabric pillows and more. Pillows are a great way to practice a pattern in a small area. 
Crocheted Pillows for Mom's Blue and White Living Room by Ellen B.
Ellen's Crocheted Pillow for old sofa
Mini-Granny Squares (aka Granny Daughters) for Pillow
My version of the British Flag, crochet-style

When I visit estate sales in Los Angeles, I always check the needlepoint, knitting, crocheting and sewing supplies. Needlepoint was very big in the 1960s and 1970s, along with a resurgence in knitting and crochet. So many people took up needlepoint during this era, including me, my Mom, my Aunts and many others. My Aunt Frances was a knitter and needlepointer too. This past weekend at my Aunt's and Uncle's estate sale, I picked up a few of her pillows and one painted needlepoint canvas that she never started.
Frances' Nautical Signal Flags Needlepoint
"F" is for Frances AND Fabulous!
I look forward to working this needlepoint found in Frances' workshop

We have gray tweed couches in our living room. I've added black and white, along with red pillows to the mix. Most of these pillows are fabric. NOW, I need to add some different textures. I'm hoping that my recent estate sale purchases will look stunning in our living room!
Fabric pillow and crocheted pillow, gray tweed couch
Purchased this textured patchwork pillow at the Palm Springs Art Museum in March
This is a Bargello/needlepoint canvas completed by Margie Pressman, purchased at another estate sale. I plan to make it into a pillow.

If I don't actually purchase some design items at estate sales, but I like them, I take a photo of the object. The pillows below were just too worn out for me to buy. I could, however, reproduce them. These round beauties were in a home dedicated to Early American design.
Americana Pillows, Roxbury Drive, Beverlywood estate sale

My sweet friend, Natalie crocheted then cross-stitched this adorable eyeglass pillow for me and Larry a few years ago!  We love it.
Personalized Eyeglass Pillow by Ms. Natalie of Hollywood

Pillows can make a personal statement. They are miniature works of art. Express yourself through pillows!

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