Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Ready for Passover?

Our Family Passover Table

I'll be convening with my cousins Marilyn and Carolyn again this year to prepare for our family Passover Seder. The three of us produce a sumptuous meal. We read our abbreviated Haggadah, sing songs, search for the Afikoman, recite the age-old story of the Exodus and enjoy our meal. This year, our group will be much smaller. Instead of our usual 20-25 people, only 14 of us will be present. That's OK, it will still be a night to remember!
My grocery shopping list is ready, but what about the Passover yarny list? There are some lovely Passover items to be knit and/or crocheted on the internet. Click on each title to link to the pattern.
Let's make all the traditional Seder plate ingredients out of yarn! That way, we can reuse them year after year! I've had this pattern for ages and haven't made it yet.
Traditional Seder Plate
Cousin Marilyn's matzoh balls are fluffy and delicious. Her chicken soup is rich and flavorful. There's always too much to eat at Seder. How about skipping the soup and just looking at this felted version?
Matzoh Ball Soup by Tikkun Knits
Dessert is a whole 'nother story! We bake macaroons, we make dusty apricot bars, but what about a Matzoh House? This is a fun activity for the kids and tastes delicious.
Matzoh House is the new Gingerbread House
I REALLY like this Tropical Matzoh House!

Of course, there are the year-'round items you can knit or crochet, like a yarmulke, matzoh or bread basket with covering cloth.
Knitted Yarmulke
Matzoh Holder
Passover Matzoh Cover
However you observe the Passover week, enjoy it, savor our history and teach it to the kids!
Passover 2013

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