Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The New Proud Bird

The Old Proud Bird, 1967, Hacienda Style Architecture

Today as part of my Stay-Cation activities, my good friend, Rhoda and I visited the new Proud Bird right near the L.A. Airport. The Proud Bird was built as a restaurant with LOTS of aerospace memorabilia, including real airplanes on the grounds. We used to go there for drinks and to watch the planes taking off and landing at the airport. It was a Spanish Hacienda style building, circa 1967. 
Rhoda at the new Proud Bird, hangar style, high-tech architecture

It was always fun sitting on the elegant tiled patio overlooking a grassy area with vintage small planes while having a drink. The constant roar of the landing planes at nearby LAX was part of the atmosphere.
The former patio and grassy area with vintage airplanes
The former, elegant dining area

Today, the Spanish Hacienda style building has been changed to resemble a rather large hangar and silo. Instead of a serene restaurant and bar, there is a noisy food court and clattering bar area. The food choices are good. We had delicious barbecued brisket from Bludsoe's. The comfy, wood paneled bar is gone and so is the vintage vibe.
The new food court area
Delicious Brisket and Cole Slaw from Bludsoe's BBQ

Entrance to the new Proud Bird

The aerospace memorabilia is still there, now displayed in upgraded areas. The old planes are still there, but they don't water the lawn, so the little ol' planes are sitting in the dust. They don't feel as approachable.
New display area

Airplane Memorabilia

Proud Bird History Display

On the whole, I'd go back to the Proud Bird for a quick lunch, but I wouldn't plan my retirement party or wedding there. The glamour is gone.

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Proud Bird, not so proud 🙄


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