Thursday, August 02, 2018

Yarn Dreams

Universal Yarn, Infusion Handpaints

During my vacation a few weeks ago I tried NOT to go into any yarn stores. I LOVE yarn stores, but I have so much yarn in my stash at home, that adding more to it would be over-kill. HOWEVER, I did happen to be in the Culver City Tuesday Morning Store. I was looking for tissue paper and gift bags. I happened to run across their small yarn section. Lo and behold they had just stocked the bin with some new yarn. I came upon many skeins of Universal Yarns Infusion Handpaints in two colorways. There was quite a bit of the turquoise and a few reddish skeins. I bought all that they had in stock. The price per skein was ridiculously low. 
Tuesday Morning usually buys yarn that isn't made anymore. I figured that as long as I could find a few skeins of the same dye lot, I'd have enough for a shawl or scarf. I found a sweater's worth of yarn in the turquoise yarn!
"112 Hydro Power" colorway
"110 Ruby Mine" colorway
Later in the week I happened to be in Santa Monica, close to the Tuesday Morning Branch. Of course I checked the yarn section when I was there and found even MORE of both colorways! I ended up with 17 skeins of the turquoise and 7 skeins of the red. WooHoo!
TWO sweater's worth of yarn!
Plenty of red yarn for something great!
When I purchase new yarn and I don't have a specific pattern in mind to knit and/or crochet, I often leave a few skeins out just to look at it and dream. I was looking at this pattern on Instagram by Iron Lamb called "Midnight Mexican Top." I really like this top. A few other people have crocheted it in various yarn color combinations.

"Midnight Mexican Top" by Iron Lamb
I think this top would look great using the turquoise yarn for the main color and then alternating rows of the turquoise and red for the accent stripes!
"Zoegreg's" Midnight Mexican Top
After checking all the photos and stats about this pattern, I found "Scutagal's" excellent photos on Ravelry. After seeing her layout of the pieces, I think I can figure out this pattern on my own!
"Scutagal's" Midnight Mexican Top
This top really reminds me of the Indian peasant blouses of my past. I talked about it here. Of course, this top is in heavier yarn...not quite as comfortable for summer as the gauzy cotton of those old peasant tops!
The new yarn will remain on the coffee table while I finish up a few more projects in progress. Who knows? Maybe I'll come across an even better pattern for this bounty! 
Happy yarn dreams, my friends.

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