Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Blue Monday

1626 So. La Brea Avenue, Mid-City, Los Angeles

Over the weekend, we had high hopes that the Dodgers would be traveling to Boston for the last few games of the 2018 World Series. No such luck. By Sunday, it was over for the Blue Crew. HOWEVER, we still had a spark of hope on Sunday morning, so we drove over to the "Dodger House" on La Brea Avenue, Mid-City Los Angeles.
Artist Hector "Tetris" Arias and his crew of graffiti artists painted a tri-plex for our beloved team. The house had been sold and was scheduled to be torn down within the next few weeks. The real estate development company that purchased the lot for future apartments hired Hector and his crew for the job. They even painted the L.A. Dodgers logo on the roof so it could be seen from the sky!
Photo by Stu Mundel, KCBS Eye in the Sky Reporter
Lots of people were swarming all over the outside of the house, including into the backyard where remnants of paint cans and rags were stashed. One of the painters arrived with extra lights to place on the front lawn so that the house could be seen better at night from passers-by.

It's quite a site to see. Drive by if you have a chance in the next few weeks. It reminds me of the PINK HOUSE from last year. I miss the pink house.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"Can We All Just Get Along?"

The wise words of Rodney King, 1992, Los Angeles.

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Friday, October 26, 2018

Stitch 'n Witch - 2018

The planets revolve around Sarah's SUN/SON

Oh! We had a great time this year at our annual Stitch 'n Witch Spooktacular. Our theme this year was free-form, Halloween, Have Fun! We had some very clever costumes. My personal favorite and winner of the Most Original Prize was a very pregnant Sarah with her "SUN/SON" costume!
Also fantastic and VERY clever was Amy's "Yarnicorn." Amy won the prize for Best Use of Yarn in a Costume!
Amy is the YARNICORN
This year's prize for MOST WILD costumes went to the Sara, Richard, Vivian and Simon family for their depiction of South American Animals. Sara knocked it out of the park once again with her mad costuming skillz!
South American Animal Family, Vivian, Simon, Richard and Sara
Everyone brought delicious treats to share too. The prizes were great. Thanks to Mary Jo, Jennifer and Amy for adding to our prize bags! 
We were happy to see Ms. Natalie of Hollywood show up, last minute, for the festivities. Natalie returned that very day from a European sojourn. She was definitely jet-lagged, but rose to the occasion for our annual Halloween party photo!
"Evil Eye Ellen" and "Hilo Hattie Natty"

To view more photos of this fun event, click on this LINK. Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ideas are Everywhere!

Vintage Jack in the Box

I see designs everywhere. Of course, I'm always thinking about yarn and what sort of designs I can knit and/or crochet with yarn. I'm especially fond of grid-like, graphic designs. When I see the front of a vintage Jack in the Box fast food place, I see a perfect afghan or quilt design!
Turned on it's side, Jack's design is perfect for an afghan!

Some of my friends are bee keepers. They post photos of their honey-gathering efforts on social media. I'm immediately reminded of a hexagon crocheted motif!
Honey Bees
My Hexagon Motif Tote Bag
Alicia's Hexagon Table Runner

Breeze block is another favorite. Breeze block walls are made from concrete cinder blocks. Breeze blocks are cinder blocks that have been cut out in such a way that when stacked together they make an eye-catching graphic pattern. These walls are most popular in warm climates, like California, so that the breeze can flow through the wall while still maintaining a bit of privacy.
Popular Breeze Block Pattern in Los Angeles
I still haven't finished this blanket, but I love those BREEZY squares!
I recently participated in the Ravelry Dishcloth Swap of 2018. Everyone crochets or knits 5 dishcloths using the same pattern, turns them in and then gets 5 different cloths back in the swap. One of our group members, Becky, crocheted the most alluring cloths. They are so colorful and very mid-century modern in design. This pattern is called the "Kawung Motif" by Atty van Norel. This also reminds me of a breeze block pattern!
Breeze block that reminds me of flowers or leaves!
Becky's Kawung Motif Dishcloths
The possibilities are endless!
The instant I see a new and inspiring design, I want to try it out! There is not enough time or yarn in the world for this! How many projects are you working on at one time?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Halloween Anticipation

Bob's Donuts @The Farmers Market never disappoints!
Every year for the past 14 years we've celebrated Halloween with the West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch group. We meet every Thursday night at the Original Farmers Market, 3rd and Fairfax, in the upstairs dining area above Kip's Toyland (an excellent store, by the way).
We always bring treats to share!
Sometimes we have a theme for our costume party. Sometimes we don't. As long as we're having fun, bring treats and take lots of photos, it's always a fun time!
Our Cruise Director, Ms. Natalie of Hollywood and I are the planners of this event. We often get help with prizes from some of our members. The use of yarn in a costume is a plus! Here are some of our costumes throughout the years. Ms. Natalie and I usually have our photo taken together! I hope Natalie makes it this year. She is returning from a long trip to Europe on the DAY of our partay!!!
The "Spirit Animal" year
The "Grim Ripper" and "Spider Granny"
Our British Theme Year. I guess Natalie is a cool Carnaby Street Chick and I'm some yarny version of Boy George!?!
Spirits and Mythology Theme. Natalie is Kitsune. I am Malabriga!
The Tim Burton and/or Movie Theme Year. I am "Wonder Granny" Natalie is "Zero"

The "Mash-Up" Costume Year. Natalie is "Mummy Dearest" and I am "M*A*S*H and UP"
The early years with Poodle Natty
My fave, all-time costume: The Red Heart Queen of Crochet
This year our theme is "HALLOWEEN!" So, just make it up! Have fun! Be scary. Be ironic. Bring a treat and have a blast!
2018 Prize Bags are ready!

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Annual Dishcloth Swap - 2018

Eve, looking a bit overwhelmed at all of the swap packages

We usually have our Annual Dishcloth Swap on Labor Day. This year Swap Moderator, Eve and her family were in Europe at that time. Our swap was delayed a month which gave everyone plenty of time to enter this fun Ravelry activity! We had plenty of entries!
Here are just a few photos of some of the most lovely dishcloths for 2018!

It was a bit overwhelming, but we managed to take photos and stuff envelopes in about two hours. Of course, we stopped for snack breaks too! We've been moderating and implementing this swap since 2010! Thanks for the pretty bouquet of flowers, Eve! I had a fun afternoon!
Eve and Ellen with Swap Dishcloths - 2018
Ellen's Swap Dishcloths - Thank you!

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Friday, October 19, 2018

The Big Eyeglass Frame Sale of 2018

OK! This is it! People are ALWAYS asking me where I buy my eyeglass frames. Every year in October L.A. Eyeworks has this AMAZING sale. You can buy frames for as little as $25 and as much as regular price (which is a lot)! I used to go crazy at this sale, but now I'm slightly more conservative in my choices and with the amount of frames I purchase. If I find one or two good ones, I'm happy!
2006. Sometimes, during the day it's hot. When there's a line outside, L.A. Eyeworks provides parasols to its customers!

Larry and I have been attending this annual sale for at least 12 years! It's always a fun evening. We tend to go during the dinner hour. It's less crowded then. You don't have to worry that you may miss something. They offer multiples of every style and they keep bringing out boxes and boxes of frames throughout the weekend!
2010. Owner, Gai, Ron (RIP) and Tetsuji
We almost always run into friends at this sale. We also usually make some new friends. When trying on eyeglass frames, it's always good to get the opinions of others, especially if they don't know you. Honesty helps.

Natalie and I like to be twinsies! I bought the orange frames. Why didn't I buy those aqua ones?

2010. Rhoda almost ALWAYS buys red frames!
Stephanie and Diane are excellent shoppers
I told my ukulele teacher, Cali about the sale and she went NUTZO, purchasing many pairs of frames, including these adorable hot pink ones! Photo by Craig Brandau

Larry tries on everything, but usually ends up buying the same style every year!

One year, Ruth and I bought the same frames. These are my faves. I wear them all the time.
2009. Natalie and Joe with that Italian Riviera look
So, next weekend, if you have an hour or two to spare, hop on over to Melrose Avenue and check out the frames at the L.A. Eyeworks sale. You will not be disappointed!

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