Friday, February 15, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019

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Valentine's Day fell on a Thursday this year. I went to work in the pouring ran, not exactly a fun way to start off the day. We received Candy Grams at work. There were sweets all over the office. In spite of the rain, everyone was in a good mood.
Larry and I usually go out to dinner, but to a neighborhood place, nothing fancy. We do create Valentine cards for each other.
I continued with my recent fried-egg scrubbie theme and performed some rudimentary PhotoShop for my Valentine to Larry:
Corny, but cute. Click on image to view larger
Larry's Valentine to me was in a more personal vein.  I've been after him to get a haircut for a month. He can get fairly shaggy looking. So, in essence, my Valentine's gift was Larry getting a haircut. SO ROMANTIC!

Larry did treat me to dinner at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants, Taqueria Los Anaya. We had a yummy dinner of Mango chicken and Tequila Pasta! Gracias, mi amor!
Mango Chicken, Cactus Salad
Fettucini w/Tequila Sauce and Chicken
I hope everyone had a delightful Valentine's Day celebration!
Cantaloupe Juice

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