Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I Miss People!

We've been self-quarantined for almost 2 weeks. News sources in Los Angeles have been saying that the worst is yet to come with regards to the CoronaVirus/Covid-19 epidemic in Los Angeles. It is important for those over 65 years of age and/or with underlying health conditions to STAY AT HOME.

Mostly, Larry and I have been staying at home. However, we have been going to the Original Farmers Market near our house for supplies. The Farmers Market has been at 3rd  Street and Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles for 86 years, since 1934. It's an open-air marketplace with a roof. It's easy to maintain your distance from others. There are fruit and vegetable stands, meat and poultry markets, bakeries and many of the restaurant stands are open for take-out orders. There is also a French grocery store inside the Market called Monsieur Marcel. They carry all kinds of gourmet items. We can't get everything we need at the Farmers Market, but it's working out OK.
The Farmers Market Poultry Store carries eggs
We are so used to seeing the Market full of people, locals and tourists. There are festive tables and chairs everywhere, making it possible to choose what you'd like to eat and just plop down to enjoy your meal and the view. 
Tables at the Market, pre-Corona Virus
That's all changed now. The Gilmore Company (owners of the Farmers Market) have removed all of the chairs and tables. It's very eerie to see such emptiness. Management has even removed the seats to all of the stationary stools at many of the lunch counters!
Larry at the Farmers Market. No Tables and Chairs
Tables and Chairs Removed

My local knit/crochet group, The West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch,  meets weekly at the Farmers Market, Thursdays from 7-9 in the upstairs dining area. We've been meeting for 15 years! I miss this group so much. We've been having online meetings, but it's not the same as being there. Sigh.
WeHo SnB, Holiday Hat Party, 2019
MaryJo, Jennifer, Brenda, Sara, Natalie, Diane, Ellen examining a crocheted scarf, 2019. Photo by Susan S.
WeHo SnB at our 10 Anniversary Party, 2014
For now, The Original Farmers Market is the safest place for us to shop, so we will keep going there for supplies. The other day we picked up a pastrami sandwich at Phil's Deli in the Market. Since we couldn't eat inside at a table, we ate our sandwich in the parking lot, tailgate style. It tasted great and reminded us of what a valuable resource the Market is for all Angelenos.
Tailgating at the Market
ADDENDUM:  My dear, sweet husband, Larry told me to STOP WHINING! He doesn't realize that kvetching is my super power!

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