Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Mask Dilemma

Purchased Disposable Surgical Masks 
Do we want to stay safe or do we want to be stylish? That is the question. How about BOTH? 
Since this pandemic is going to last a long time and the wearing of masks will be with us for awhile, Larry and I purchased a box of surgical masks. They are light-weight, fairly comfortable to wear and make us look like essential workers at the grocery store. They are fine. HOWEVER, there are circumstances when you want to dress up a bit and have some fun.
I've been experimenting with various crocheted face masks.  Naturally, a crocheted mask needs to have a liner so the germs don't get inside. This is accomplished by placing a folded paper towel or a coffee filter inside the mask. This works pretty well.
My friend Suzette made a FAB crocheted mask with appliquéd lips on the front. WOW! I had to duplicate that! So, I crocheted another mask from this PATTERN. I found a random crochet lip pattern online and appliquéd it to my mask!
Suzette's Glamour Mask. It's Lip-Tastic!
Ellen's Crocheted Mask with Lip Appliqué
Boy oh boy! Did I get comments on that mask! It was a hit! Thanks for the prompt Suzette! 
WELL, after Mr. Larry saw our stylish masks he wanted one too, but with a mustache and/or goatee!  I checked out some mustache charts.
Mustache/Goatee Style Charts 

Crocheting a mustache is not all that easy, especially as an appliqué!  I tried a few different versions. The first one I made with a goatee attached just didn't come out well at all!
FAILED Goatee Version of Face Mask. Larry looks a bit like Hannibal Lecter here.
My next attempt was just to crochet the mustache. This worked out OK, but there is still room for improvement!
Larry's Straw Boater works well with this mask!
I shall continue my quest for the perfectly stylish and protective face mask!

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At 10:08 PM PDT, Blogger betty said...

I love the lips mask, but is the crocheted mask too warm to wear? I sew the simple rectangle-with-folds mask and I found that one made with linen fabric works well for warmer days.

At 3:59 AM PDT, Blogger James Martin said...

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