Thursday, March 05, 2009

L.A. Calendar

Cow Sculpture @ the Pacific Dining Car
This coming Saturday will be a very busy day. I have to do a little b-day shopping in the morning. Then, at 1pm Larry and I will be at the historic Pacific Dining Car on 6th St., near Downtown, to help Mike and Maria celebrate their blog, Franklin Avenue's, sixth anniversary. I've only been to the Pacific Dining Car for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are quite expensive, usually involving large amounts of choice meat. The PDC has arranged a special prix fix menu for us, so we can sample many dishes. We're looking forward to it. There may still be spaces for this meal. Check Franklin Avenue to find out.
Barnsdall Park Art Gallery

Later that afternoon, we are sadly attending a memorial service for Martin Eli Weil, renowned preservation architect in Los Angeles. Marty was one of the early founders of the Los Angeles Conservancy. The first building the LAC saved was our historic Downtown Central Library. Marty was the docent on the very first tour of the Library that I attended as a Conservancy member way back in the mid '70's. The service is being held at the Barnsdall Art Gallery Theater, 5pm.

After we catch our breaths, we'll be heading west to the Hammer Museum in Westwood to view the show, "Nine Lives: Visionary Artists from L.A." Our friend and fellow-knitster, Lisa Anne Auerbach is showing some of her faboo pieces! Check out Lisa's latest sweater-y statement about the Octo-Mom.

One event that I am definitely attending is next Saturday's LAC Modern Commitee Tour, "City of Seekers." This tour will be historical as well as spiritual. It's an excellent chance to tour our City and learn about it's religious roots.

See you tonight at the WeHo SnB!

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At 3:54 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PDC is SOOO expensive. It's next to Good Sam Hospital, and Nat and I went there late one night when Michael was at Good Sam as the cafeteria was closed. It set us back a pretty penny, but the food was fantastic.

We want to return sometime for the breakfast. Isn't it open 24 hours a day? So cool.

Love the Octomom outfit.

Christine G.

At 4:36 PM PST, Blogger woolanthropy said...

PDC..that is old school steak house. Which sounds good right about now as I am hungry and could eat that cow statue. I have a slightly sad apple looking at me but meh.

Your weekend sounds super busy. Have fun.

At 7:21 PM PST, Blogger Kath said...

Ahhhh..I love Lisa Anne Auerbach's work! My absolute fave is the feral cat sweater though. I'd really like to see that show and since it looks like it's running til May 31, I just might have a shot. I need to be off the island for Easter anyway so maybe that'll be the day!


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