Thursday, January 07, 2010

Birthday in Eagle Rock

Yesterday was Al's b-day. A bunch of us from L.A. Conservancy's Modern Committee got together to celebrate. We met for dinner at Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock. Casa Bianca has been in existence since 1955 and I'd never been there! Incredible. I'm an L.A. native and I've been to almost every pizza joint in town.
the backs of our ModCom group
bruschetta with garlic toast
Well, the food was wonderful. We had a great time and I will definitely return when I'm in da 'hood.
The super-thin crust pizza was delish. The bruschetta with garlic toast was yummy and the antipasto was pretty good. All in all, it was a fun time.
sausage & pepperoni pizza
mushroom & garlic pizza
Larry & Chris
my personal fave - artichoke hearts & anchovy pizza
Casa Bianca is a basic, no frills place

Happy Birthday Al!

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At 7:28 PM PST, Blogger Jean said...

Interesting choice of pizza artichoke * anchovy, hmmm. I have made a couple of things with anchovies (the kind packed in olive oil in little jars from Italy) and it was very rich and lovely. See ya Saturday!

At 6:11 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

people who've never had it will look at you funny when you say it, but artichoke pizza is FABO!! I get mine without the anchovies though, yuk! :) I've had artichocke pizza with a white sauce too that was incredible. i'm with you ellen, artichoke pizza is one of my fav's and I don't live in LA, we're in the deep south. first time i had it was in Dallas, then we started making it home made because you can't get it here in the local pizza joints.

At 7:30 AM PST, Anonymous Donna said...

Could you send me that pepperonie and sausage pizza? It looks divine! I am able to blog some from the laptop...all my pictures are on the other computer so I will not get to post vintage today. Have a great weekend.

At 9:37 AM PST, Blogger Brenda said...

Love all the LA stuff on your blog -- I am learning so much! And I've only lived here 18 years :-)
I love anchovies on my pizza but will have to try the artichoke and anchovy combo - sounds right up my alley.

At 5:58 PM PST, Anonymous Julie Hurwitz said...

I love Casa Bianca. I wish I could get over there more. Plus I wish they were open for lunch.


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