Monday, September 22, 2014

Funky Junk Fabulous

On Saturday, Larry and I drove out to Altadena for a visit to Funky Junk Farms.   Yipsy and Johnny (residents of the Farm) were holding an art show and sale.  There was art, jewelry, clothing, sweets and more for sale.  Just visiting Funky Junk Farms is a treat for the eyes.  When you drive up to the Farm, you're in a perfectly nice residential Altadena neighborhood.  The minute you walk through the gates into the Farm, you're transported to a mountain trailer camp.  I always feel like I'm in Big Bear or Idyllwild when I visit Funky Junk Farms.
Pictures speak louder than words.  I could not stop taking photos on Saturday.  Here's what the Farm looks like!

Jeff and Dusty

Salvage Art Sweetheart

Yipsy, Jewelry Maker Extraordinaire, kept trying to sell me this vest!

We ran into many friends at the sale.  There were sweets and refreshments available.  It was a party.  The property is very deep.  There are numerous buildings and vehicles.  Funky Junk is a location spot for the entertainment industry as well as a prop house.  Johnny and his co-workers have created an amazing place.  We love it there!
Yipsy's Amazing Rings

There are cement tanks on the back of the property.  I'm told that FJF was a fish hatchery in the past and the fish were stored here.  Note to Johnny Agnew...these tanks would make excellent bomb shelters!
Frank and Brit

I found the perfect model for this fab vest!
 I'll let you know the next time there's an art and jewelry sale at Funky Junk Farms.  It's a must-see!


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At 6:51 PM PDT, Blogger mj said...

that is where you saw Brit! It all looks great. And in my neighborhood, too!

At 9:00 PM PDT, Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

How great! I want to go there.Someday.....

At 10:21 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...! But I live too too far away :( I'll just have to visit them vicariously through your wonderful photo's. That is MY kinda place.


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