Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Downtown Ukes

U-Space Ukulele Shop is on the ground floor of the JACC

Saturday was the end of the Music Center's "Summer of Strummers" Uke-Along Lessons.  I just couldn't sign up for the 3 sessions this summer....too many schedule conflicts.  I'm very sorry I missed the sessions, because I always learn a lot and get to meet so many ukulele players from around the L.A. area.  

I was free in the afternoon this past Saturday and I knew there would be a few strummers still downtown, maybe at the newish U-Space ukulele shop at the Japanese American Community and Cultural Center (JACC).  I hadn't seen this specialty shop yet, so even though the temperatures topped the 90's on Saturday, I rode down to Little Tokyo, found street parking and visited U-Space.

U-Space is a sweet little ukulele shop with a coffee and tea cart just inside the lobby area of the Center.  It's very well air-conditioned!  Jason Arimoto, one of the teachers at the Music Center event as well as one of the shop owners was there.  We talked a bit about the completed Strummers in the Summer program and the upcoming Christmas Uke-Along.  

I got myself an iced plum tea and settled down at one of the tables to look through some ukulele instruction books.  There are lots of ukuleles for sale as well as all of the accessories that go along with playing and learning.  Uke classes are also offered throughout the year.  Taking a class and being a frequent visitor to U-Space is a good way to stay on top of what's going on in the ukulele community. 
A few participants from the Music Center classes came by.  They said that the morning's session was the best ever.  Dang!  I really must sign up for this next summer!   Two ladies on a scavenger hunt came in.  They were supposed to have their photos taken with a U-space t-shirt and a ukulele and post it on Instagram or Facebook as one of their scavenger hunt stops!
There was an overall calming and nice vibe about this shop.  I hope to take lessons here in the near future.  Will you join me?

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At 10:04 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

I have been there once! Nice evening event that my husband paid for me to attend. life-changing...

At 10:05 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

By the way, my name is Dani ladd and I LOVE WRITING NEW SONGS FOR UKE AND VOICE! Thank you so much for posting this and the pics...they are great! dladd42.dl@gmail.com


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