Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ghost Signs, Santa Monica

Mini-Mall Remodel

A mini-mall that I frequent in Santa Monica is undergoing change. This is the mini-mall on the south-west corner of Lincoln and Pico Boulevards.  
When I started working in Santa Monica ten years ago, I would drive around at lunchtime, looking at the emptiness of this seaside town where I was born. The only thing Santa Monica has going for it is the Pacific Ocean. Other than cleaner air, this City is a bust as far as interesting/reasonable restaurants, convenient shops and easy parking is concerned. I know, I know, I rarely diss anything or anyone on my blog. I try to be positive. I guess it's the fact that I do love my job and resent that, living only 8 miles away, it can sometimes take me over 40 minutes to drive here and over an hour or more to drive home. EIGHT MILES! Hopefully, once the Expo Metro Line opens, my traffic stress will be alleviated. One more rant: Once I park in my office building, I cannot leave during lunch without losing my parking spot. When I return after an hour, even the least desirable parking space on the bottom floor of the parking structure is taken. Argh! I'm a prisoner in East Santa Monica.
Back to the mini-mall on Lincoln and Pico. Tomy's Burgers used to be there, now it's a Starbucks. Yeah, we needed another Starbucks in SM. Other shops in this mall are a Hawaiian restaurant, a donut shop, a Pollo Loco, a shoe store, a cleaners, a beauty supply and an empty space where a thrift shop used to be. So, yes, I can get a few things accomplished if I take my lunch hour here.
The other day, I noticed that a remodel is taking place. I love seeing the ghost signs under the old facade that has been torn down. I'm anxiously awaiting to see what style of "Mall-chitecture" this place will become!
 Ghost Signs

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At 3:34 PM PST, Blogger janeray1940 said...

It's so funny how different people perceive things :) I've always loved SM and find it super convenient - I rarely have to even use my car! But if I didn't live here, I'd probably have a whole other take on it.

I really do hope the Expo Line eases traffic. One thing's for sure - its construction is NOT easing traffic. I've been stuck as a prisoner north of Colorado Ave several times due to construction.

At 3:36 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I hear you, Marielle. If I lived here, I'm sure I'd be singing a different tune.

At 2:47 AM PST, Blogger Lizzy Tex Borden said...

I'm a SAMOHI alum and that corner was a part of my life too. When I was young my mom used to buy my shoes at a store in there. I also remember that before that was a Tommy's there was a world famous (or something like that) pastrami sandwich stand there.

At 2:50 AM PST, Blogger Lizzy Tex Borden said...

P.S. It just came to me... Yje pastrami place was called "TOPS".

At 7:32 AM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

WOW, Lizzy! Tops Pastrami is a mini-chain out of Pasadena. I never knew there was one in Santa Monica! I was sad when they tore down the Norm's Coffee Shop up the block. Sigh.


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