Monday, October 24, 2016

Success on Smelrose!

Friday was the first day of the L.A. Eyeworks eyeglass frame sale. Larry and I met up with Ms. Natalie at around 6:30. Dinner time is the best time to go to this sale. The big rush at the beginning of the day is over. The shop has so many boxes of frames for sale and they keep bringing out oodles of frames to the display tables. You'll never miss anything!
The sale prices were a bit higher than in previous years, but still an excellent deal. I managed to pick up two pairs, one for $45! Larry bought a pair and Natalie found several, but came home with one pair.
Natalie and Ellen in aqua neon frames. We did not purchase these, but maybe we should have! We look cute!
Crazy Mr. Larry

The most fun is trying on frames with all of your new four-eyed friends.  It's a party!
Happy People Work at L.A. Eyeworks

After all that shopping we were hungry! Natalie suggested Tatsu Ramen, down the block. Very cute place. The menu and payment are digitized. Easy! Natalie ordered the Hippie Ramen (vegan broth); Larry ordered Bold Ramen (pork/Tonkatsu) and I ordered Cheeky Ramen (chicken broth).  All were seriously DELICIOUS! They make their own noodles right there.
Cheeky Ramen: Chicken broth + noodle = heaven! Slow-cooked from scratch topped with all-natural chicken breast, seasoned soft-boiled egg and green onion.

It's always fun walking down Smelrose Avenue. Lots of quirky window displays, along with great clothes, hats, shoes and more. We had a good Friday night!

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