Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Welcome Home, Stevie!

Stevie's is back! 30 years ago Stevie's on the Strip (Crenshaw Boulevard) was opened by Stephen Perry (1986). I remember dropping by and picking up gumbo to go. In later years, Stevie opened up Stevie's Creole Cafe and Bar in 1999 in Encino.  I never went to the Ventura Boulevard club and restaurant, but I do remember it being quite a talked-about hot spot in it's day. Both restaurants closed and we didn't hear a peep from Stevie UNTIL NOW!
A few months ago I noticed that the former Chic Cafe on Pico Boulevard (around the corner from our house) had some new construction goin' on. I saw a big neon sign and banners for Stevie's Creole Cafe! Yippee! I could almost taste that savory gumbo.

Opening day at Stevie's was yesterday. Larry and I decided to walk over for dinner. We were not disappointed. We had to wait in line to order, but found a table easily. There are tables in front of the cafe, a small patio in back as well as tables inside. The place is small, but many people were taking their orders to go.
We each ordered a small bowl of seafood gumbo. It was fairly large and chock full of fresh seafood, two kinds of sausage and chicken. YUM! The broth had that smokey flavor that I love!
Stevie's Seafood Gumbo
Larry and I also split a shrimp po' boy sandwich. The roll was perfect...soft and flavorful. The dressing was minimal, just mayo, lettuce and pickles, but the breaded, fried shrimp were plump and perfect, not greasy. It was delicious.
Stevie's Shrimp Po' Boy w/ French Fries
The couple next to us ordered gumbo, mac 'n cheese, fried pickles and a hot sausage po' boy. We saw some fried chicken, catfish, rice and red beans at another table. Everything really looked delicious. I cannot wait to go back and try EVERYTHING!
This is not fast-food, so expect to wait a bit for your order. Everyone in the place is nice and happy. We spoke to many of the customers, including the owner, Stevie. He came out to thank us all for coming on opening day. We expected a few glitches, but everything seemed to be running smoothly. The staff at Stevie's are very professional. 
Click on menu to see larger version

Stevie's menu is not online yet, but they have all of the dishes you'd expect from a fine Creole restaurant!
OK, this is where we're going for Tuesday night dinner from now on!

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