Thursday, December 08, 2016

Holiday Shopping!

Valley Times Collection, 1963

Oy! I know that most of you order everything online for your holiday gift-giving. I do too, but there are certain items that I like to see and touch BEFORE I buy them. This necessitates going into a store during the holiday season. Crowds, no parking and germy children. I try to hit the stores the minute they open in the morning to avoid the aforementioned. My big problem is that I have this pesky job and can only shop on the weekends when everyone else in the world is shopping. Double oy!
Shopping on Compton Blvd., Compton, 1954. Herald-Examiner Collection, Photo by Perry Fowler
When all is said and done, I LOVE the holiday season! Seeing friends, giving everyone presents, eating jolly food are all fun. It's just the "said and done" part before the fun that makes me crazy!
When I was a kid, the shopping center at Century City was shiny and new. I could walk over after school and browse the aisles at The Broadway for the best holiday deals. Time was plentiful. Bring back those days please, along with The Broadway!!
Shops at Century City Mall, 1966

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