Friday, November 18, 2016

Blue Debut

Personal blogs are all about the person, right? Me, Me, Me, Me, Me! Well, OK then!
Last month Larry, Natalie and I went to the L.A. Eyeworks frame sale. I always find something I like, but I already have quite a collection of eyeglass frames, so I limited myself to finding bright blue frames. If I saw something else that caught my fancy, OK, but only two pairs!
I found several pairs of aqua frames. I even tried on some silver frames (too old-lady). I finally saw a pair of medium blue frames in a pleasing shape for my face!  Yes! Those are mine!
Fabulous Blue Eyeglasses

I have a few blue items in my wardrobe, not many. Most of my clothes are black, black, black and white, burgundy, rust, orange, brown and black. Now that my hair is silver, blue is a nice compliment. 
In the past two weeks since I've had my new eyeglasses, I've exhausted my blue wardrobe. I decided to whip up a quick, bright blue triangle scarf to wear with my blue specs. I should have it completed this weekend.
New Blue Specs and "Elise" Scarf
Blue "Elise" scarf specs:  Free pattern HERE, Red Heart "Soft" Yarn in Royal Blue, Size "I" crochet hook.

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At 8:10 AM PST, Blogger Nikki Andrews said...

Blue is my favorite color and I think I will create a knitted blue scarf. A cute partner to my blue heels and sexy blue knee dresses. Thank you for posting here, at least you gave me the idea.


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