Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Fashion Prep

Sexy Turkey Hat. Really?

You have just over a week to prepare for Thanksgiving! Most important is your decor for a festive dinner. If you happen to be going to someone else's home or, better yet, to a restaurant, for Thanksgiving, the least you can do is dress for the occasion!
Here are a few cheerful turkey hats that will put everyone in the mood for a wonderful feast!
There are several patterns on Ravelry to choose from. Some are more involved than others, but I'm sure one week would be plenty of time to whip up one of these beauties. You'll be the hit of the party! Click on the title links for patterns.
Wild Turkey Hat
Knitted Turkey Hat. The medallion could be a stand-alone brooch!
Turkey Dinner Hat
Turkey in Pilgrim Hat
A cornucopia hat o' plenty would be spectacular too!  See what you can come up with and post it for all to see!  Happy pre-Thanksgiving!
Cornucopia Fascinator!

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At 8:04 AM PST, Blogger Nikki Andrews said...

Aw so cute. I think I will choose the wild turkey hat for me and the turkey in pilgrim hat for my baby boy. I really love the knitted collections. Recently, I bought the knitted dresses for women knee length. This will be my Christmas Eve outfit with the knitted beanie.


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