Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Eyes Have It

I consider eyeglasses to be a fashion accessory first and a necessity second. Last weekend, L.A. Eyeworks on Melrose had their annual eyeglass frame sale. This is a once-a-year sale and it is incredible. The price of cool frames can be anywhere from $100-$300 in our cosmopolitan world. L.A. Eyeworks has the coolest and most stylish designer frames around town. During the sale, you can get those expensive frames for $20-$100! Like I said, it's incredible. If your'e going to wear glasses most of the time, you want to at least be chic.
We'd heard about this sale for ages from some of our more au courant friends like Amy Inouye and Charles Phoenix. Both have worn glasses for years and really know the ins-and-outs of eyeglass trends. I've admired their eyeware for years. So, last year, Mr. Larry and I stopped by the store on our way home from dinner during their weekend sale. It was the end of the first day of the sale, there were plenty of frames on the tables and we chose some winners.
This year, however, Mr. Larry and I thought we'd get a jump on the earlybirds, so we zoomed up to the store on Saturday morning at about 9:30. The store opens at 10. There was a line around the block of four-eyed monsters waiting to get their paws on some of those trendy bargain frames.
The aforementioned Amy and Charles walked up, saw us in line and said they had friends toward the back of the line. They promptly walked in the back door of the shop. Like I said, those two are trendy, hip and popular. We waited in line for almost 2 hours before getting inside. The sun came out in full force. It was hot, we were cranky and we were tired of drooling on the window full of smart, modern and totally hip eyeglass frames.
Amy and Charles came out and showed us their purchases. Charles picked out the frames that Larry would most likely want. Amy chose several pairs popularized by the current Chicken Little. If you look at her website, you'll see what drives her fascination with chickens.
ANYWAY, the two hour wait was totally worth it. We made friends in line, saw other people that we knew and finally picked out some killer eyeglass frames. I got 4 pairs, Larry got 3. The next day I took two of my purchases over to Westside Optician on Fairfax, south of 3rd St. to have my lenses made. Jeff at Westside Optician does a great job, for half the price of many other expensive places. In the weeks to come, I'll be modeling my new specs for you.



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At 10:25 AM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Edna! LOVE your store in Silverlake! Lori S. tells me that you are going to expand the yarn section! Bravo! Thanks for the compliments.


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