Monday, March 13, 2006

The Grid is Good

The beginning of a trendy granny square afghan
I was talking to my dream boss the other day, asking him if I could knit or crochet anything for him. He brought me some gorgeous Uruguayan wool from his vacation during Christmas. He's a very Ivy-League type...plain colors and styles. His favorite colors are black, grey, beige. Needless to say, his style is very understated. To my great surprise, he asked if I would crochet him a granny square afghan! OK! Then, I asked what colors he'd like. Should I match it to his earth-tones house? Even more to my surprise, he said, "No...I want a really colorful afghan...use lots of colors!" My jaw dropped. Mr. Beige wants a classic, stash-buster, scrap granny afghan!
I crocheted up a small sample and brought it to the office today. He LOVES it! He says that he keeps seeing this type of afghan in the backgrounds of movies and TV's so trendy!
Don't you love it? All of a sudden classic granny square afghans are TRENDY.
I love anything having to do with THE GRID. The granny squares form a grid. THE GRID is comforting; it's got cozy walls to cling to; there are boundaries to live within; the order and organization of THE GRID lets you know where you stand. When I was taking art classes, THE GRID was a major instrument to use when planning paintings. I still utilize the grid when I paint. If you draw a grid on your canvas (equal squares or uneven sections), you know where to hang images. Tidy harmony and peace will abound. If you look around at your life, furnishings, clothes, etc. you will see that your life is arranged on a grid. If yours is not grid-like, then GET ON THE GRID. You don't want to be all lopsided and topsy-turvy do you? We love THE GRID. It makes us happy and calm.
If you want to experience the delights of a cozy grid, here are the instructions for a basic granny square aka a building block to fashion.



At 8:51 AM PST, Blogger DarcyArtsy said...

That is so funny. I actually saw a granny square afghan on one of last seasons episodes of The Sopranos that I was watching on On Demand last night. So Trendy!

At 9:42 AM PST, Blogger Janet said...

Everything "old" is "new" again. I've always loved the granny square afghans because they're so bright and colorful....very cheerful. Just discovered your blog thru Drew. Love your orange scarf and the Seraphina shawl.

At 11:56 AM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) You're so friggin trendy. :) That's why we worship you. Dang. Can't believe your black/grey/beige boss wanted something so colorful. AND he buys you yarn. When you're ready to move on, recommend me as your replacement, okay?

At 5:24 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Janet! Always great to have new stalkers on my blog. Isn't Drew a treasure? Thanks for the crochet compliments!

Darcy and Denise! You always make my day when you comment. Now, get back to work!

At 5:50 PM PST, Blogger Vanessa said...

I've linked to you through Drew as well.
There was an episode in the last season of Sex and the City where Sarah Jessica Parkers character wore a sweater made of really small granny squares - I'd have to guesstimate that they were probably only 3, MAYBE 4, inches.. it was so colorful and pretty! As soon as I finish the billion other projects on my fiber arts to do list I'm going to try to design one for myself.

I also love the grid - I'm not much of a painter though, but I use it in photography all the time.

At 10:20 AM PST, Blogger dizzy von damn! said...

i bask in the glory of your grid.

At 12:18 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ellen, I Love, Love, Love your paintings! And your photos of your home. What a great studio/garage. I live in a townhome. Our second bedroom IS my garage! I have to whip it into shape as a studio. That is my big March project, but knitting, crochet and quilting keep getting in the way!

Kim (from Playa)

At 12:49 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Kim, I know exactly what you mean when you say that your craftiness gets in the way of organizing your home. Welcome to the club! I should have been cleaning out my closet on LA Marathon weekend, instead I conducted my own Marathon of Knitting!


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