Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Faux Coco

Close-Woven Basket Lattice Knit Stitch

OK, I'm back on the purse parade. Now that the holidays are over and I've resumed projects for ME, I've been consumed with this pattern on Mag-Knits called CoCo by Janine Le Crais. It's a lovely faux CoCo Chanel handbag in a knitted basket lattice stitch. So, I tried the stitch and it just didn't look like the photo. Argh. I ripped, cast on again and tried again. Argh. THEN, on New Year's Day, while I was at my cousin's house in Valencia for a lovely party, my friend Marcia showed me a scarf she was knitting in the exact same pattern! It looked perfect.

When I came home I found the same stitch in an old book called "The Craft of Cable-Stitch Knitting" by Barbara G. Walker. I've had this book since the 70's and it's always been useful. I tried the "Close-Woven Basket Lattice" and it worked beautifully! You can also find the correct stitch pattern online.

Later, I went back to the Mag-Knits pattern and clicked on Janine's website. She blogged that Mag-Knits had printed an error in the pattern! Sheesh! I should have checked Janine's site sooner.

Between the time of angst and the time enlightenment on New Year's day, I thought I might be able to duplicate this knitted lattice stitch in crochet. I looked and looked for a suitably puffy relief-like, diagonal crochet stitch that would mimic the knitted lattice. I couldn't find a one, so I just started crocheting a basketweave with front and back post stitches in a bulky tweed acrylic. It looks good, but not as great as the faux Coco knitted stitch.
Crocheted Basketweave Stitch

I will eventually complete both pieces and make two handbags. Stay tuned.



At 11:17 AM PST, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Ahhhh. . . the Great Knit Detective you are! I love the basketweave stitch. Too bad I don't do scarves or bags. :(

At 2:02 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Digging both, esp. the basket lattice knit stitch thingymabob. (whew, that stitch has a long name)

Happy pursemaking, girl detective!

At 9:06 AM PST, Blogger Carol said...

I like the purse. A lot. I was just thinking I needed a small travelling type purse. Just big enough for some money, I.D., credit cards and a camera. Poifect! Thanks!


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