Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is It a Hat or a Headband?

Audrey's Calorimetry

Last weekend Jeff and Audrey treated us to breakfast at Jinky's on the Sunset Strip for Larry's birthday. Of course, breakfast was the omelettes at Jinky's.

After A & J gifted Larry with lots of cool b-day gifts, we walked outside to leave. Audrey snapped on her latest knitted fashion, Calorimetry from the latest Here is Designer, Kathryn Schoendorf's description of this piece,

"Calorimetry is a scientific term describing the measurement of heat lost or gained. Knit hats are a wonderful way to block out the cold, but when you have long hair it usually requires wearing it down, not often the most comfortable option on a blustery day. This headscarf allows you to wear your hair up while keeping your ears warm and preventing heat from escaping from the top of your head."

Audrey knitted her Calorimetry with leftover yarn. The directions say that about one skein is requred. I really like this design, but I don't like keeping track of short rows. Even though I learned to knit at the age of 7 and didn't learn crochet until I was around 17, I've realized that I'm a better crocheter than knitter. I might have to figure out how to translate this adorable pattern into crochet terms. You don't need to have long hair for this darling accessory to look good!

So, is it a hat or a headband?
Audrey & Jeff @ Christmastime 2006



At 8:32 AM PST, Blogger Susan Wike said...

Seems like I saw the instructions for a crochet Calorimetry over at Bron's Blog. I knitted one and really didn't have any trouble with the short rows since there is such a big, obvious gap between them.

At 10:13 PM PST, Blogger Ellen said...

There has been much discussion about this design all over the 'net. Craftster folks tried all different variations using less short rows, smaller needles and casting on less stitches.
I just had to travel to upstate NY and made one before we left (see my blog). My Calorimetry was a great headwarmer. (It was 10 degrees there!) It covered my ears and worked great. I also used it as a neck warmer, because it was so darn cold where we were!
I even visited the local yarn shop in Saratoga and the owner was making it too and was surprised at how big it worked up. She liked my idea of a neckwarmer, too.

At 3:40 PM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seeing this pic makes me miss visiting with Audrey!


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