Thursday, June 14, 2007

Top-Down = True Love

Yes, I'm addicted to the top-down sweater. You can try it on as you knit or crochet to see if it fits. This is a major biggie for me. I'm difficult to fit. I can never calculate my measurements correctly for creating other styles of sweaters. So, if something works well once, I'll dive in and do it again.

After finishing my top-down burgundy cardigan I decided to start another one using some of my faboo stash. I dug out the Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Aran Yarn I purchased at the Black Sheep Knittery sale and paired it with Berroco Ultra Alpaca that I'd won at Stitches West this past February. I didn't think I'd have enough of the Fleece Artist to knit an entire sweater, so I'm alternating with two rows of the olive alpaca.Of course, horizontal stripes are never flattering for me, but the colors I'm using are very similar and really do not contrast. I like how the olive of the alpaca blends nicely with the camel and toasty colors of the Fleece Artist. The bits of dark red in the Fleece add a nice accent color. I'm not sure if I'll crochet the lower body portion of this sweater. Probably not. I want to maximize yarn usage and crocheting takes up about one-third more yarn than knitting does. I will most definitely crochet the button bands and collar though. I'm formulating some designs as I knit along.
KNIT NOTE: Cookie A. will be in town at the beginning of the month! I met Cookie at Stitches West and was immediately drawn to her sock designs. In the past, I've had trouble navigating directions for ankle down versions of socks, so Devil Girl put out the call to join her at Cookie's toe-up class at Unwind in Burbank on July 6th. I am SOOO there! If the Westside is closer for you, check out the class schedule at Compatto Yarn Salon in Santa Monica. Cookie's blog is really interesting too.



At 1:25 PM PDT, Blogger Natalie said...

Ooooo! The color combo is beautiful. You really know how to work it!
See you tonight.

At 2:04 PM PDT, Blogger mary said...

aaaah, the top-down. One of my all-time favorites. That combination of the yarns is gorgeous. It's gonna look great!

At 3:06 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for the compliments, Goils. Too bad this thing is 100% hot wool. I won't be able to actually wear it for months.

At 6:03 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

Your sense of color is so great! I LOVE how these two yarns work together. Can't wait to see the FO. :)


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