Friday, June 22, 2007


L.A. Times Photo

Oh yeah, I have BIG plans for lots of excitement this weekend. Not. I want to go to this carwash tomorrow. The article in the L.A. Times makes this place sound incredible. They have top-end merchandise, cappucino, bling, wide-screen TV, massages and more while you're waiting for your car to be cleaned. This sounds like the perfect L.A. place to me. I must check it out.
I'll also be working on a few new paintings for my upcoming art opening at Future Studio in Highland Park on July 14th.
I recently purchased this book and have found it to be highly informational and inspirational! You know, the top-down sweater is my current fave to knit and/or crochet. This book breaks down the process in easy-to-understand diagrams and photos with lots of interesting variations on the theme. I have so much yarn hanging around, that I'll probably start yet another project, using this book as motivation.

Sunday we've got breakfast plans with the family. Later in the day, we'll be attending an Art BBQ on the westside. Have a marvelous weekend!

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At 1:56 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

You, too! Happy painting and car washing and knitting!

At 5:19 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

happy massaging. That's what I want. . . But I got an "anniversary" (with FCLF) pressie from the big boss, so I might have to check out HissyKnit's big red barn. . .


At 1:39 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got that same book from the library. It rocks!

At 12:56 AM PDT, Blogger Gina said...

Wow, I love the bottom one, the patterna and the colors are amazing.

At 9:28 AM PDT, Blogger mehitabel said...

Sounds like your trip to the carwash will be more exciting than mine. At TC, all they do is wash the car. But they have a tree-shaded patio to knit on while my Purple People Mover is restored to decency--it's currently disguised as a large dirt clod!


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