Friday, September 07, 2007

Toddler Sweater

I just couldn't resist picking up a few skeins of Paton's SWS when I was at the gigantic Michael's in Rancho Mirage this past weekend. I started a simple scarf with this extremely soft, self-striping yarn, but then decided I didn't like it. I tried crocheting with it...too thick for the hooks I had on hand. So, I cast on a top-down toddler sweater. I just love how this colorway, "Natural Geranium" stripes! I finsihed this quickly, added some pearly buttons. All I need to do is block lightly and some lucky little girl toddler (probably my cousin Avery) will be modeling this soon.
Project Specs: 2 skeins, Paton's SWS, Natural Geranium. Size 11 circular needles. 5 pearly buttons. Cast on 60, divided with markers for top-down contruction. Seed stitch for neckline, bottom of sweater and sleeve ends.
Yes, Natalie!!! I've been working on poor Larry's green cardi, off and on. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of September!!!



At 3:37 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

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At 7:09 PM PDT, Blogger mary said...

It's absolutely adorable! Did you do this without a pattern? You rock!

At 8:45 PM PDT, Blogger Jenn said...

Very very cute! Your speed with projects is inspiring. That will definitely be one lucky little girl who gets to wear this.

At 7:12 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my - I need my glasses. I read you were working on Larry's green CARD and I thought to myself "oh poor Larry married to Ellen for so long and still not a citizen! He seems awfully american to me. Perhaps he's a Swede?"

Hah - silly me - I'll try to read more carefully in future...Hee hee.

At 7:58 PM PDT, Blogger Pam said...

That Toddler Sweater is so cute! I love the colors!

At 5:44 AM PDT, Blogger Sally said...

When my daughter was little she received a few knitted sweaters and they were the most wonderful gifts, because of their beauty and usefulness, and the thought of the time spent making the sweater for her.

The green card/Swede comment is hysterical!

At 12:27 PM PDT, Blogger justclaire said...

Sweet, sweet cardigan and such a lovely colour.

At 10:09 PM PDT, Blogger mj said...

It's just as cute as you described it! What a lucky kid.

At 11:30 AM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hah! Aunty A! You are a riot!
Yeah, right, greencard! Larry's family has been in America since Mayflower times. Ever heard of the Underhill Society of America?

At 3:18 PM PDT, Blogger MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

It's BEAUTIFUL! I really love that yarn, and your sweater shows it off perfectly.

At 4:49 PM PDT, Blogger mehitabel said...

Very cute sweater! I showed it to my (pregnant) daughter for an opinion: "too busy." She said the same thing about the Tulip baby sweater. I think that means I'm going to be relegated to knitting plain vanilla things for my grandbaby-to-be. (PS, one of the names they're considering is Avery!)


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