Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Felix Chevrolet & Cadillac, Figueroa Corridor
The Felix Chevrolet sign on Figueroa and Jefferson in Los Angeles was recently declared a historic monument. You can read about the history of the sign here. It seems that many of the City's politicians, including the Mayor, do not want the historic status of the sign to impede real estate development in the Figueroa Corridor. More about that here.

I was inspired to drive over to Felix Chevrolet last Saturday, after seeing a vintage Chevy in the Hollyhock House parking lot with a little Felix above the license plate. People love Felix. He is an icon in the Figueroa Corridor neighborhood. Inside the historic art deco showroom there are Dancing Felixes on casters that can be rolled around the showroom in various formations.
Vintage Chevy, seen @ Hollyhock House

The cat is safe for now, but we must be aware of what's happening in the neighborhood and take every avenue to keep our landmarks safe, no matter how kitschy they are! My hero, Felix the Cat would say in his high voice, "Righty-O!"

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At 6:25 PM PST, Blogger Viva Scrapper! said...

That's Great!
My Boyfriend and I just Hi-Fived when we heard it was declared a historic monument!
Hope you're well and are having a great holiday season. Stay Rock n' Roll

At 7:45 PM PST, Blogger Sally said...

I don't trust our mayor any more.

At 9:31 AM PST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's a wonderful wonderful cat. Long live Felix!!

At 12:47 AM PST, Blogger Madge said...

Yay, Felix! (and the things you learn...I didn't realize signs could be declared historic)

Now, when will the same happen for Chicken Boy?!


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