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Close-Up, Watts Towers
People call me L.A. Ell. As my banner states, L.A. is my Beat...from Boyle Heights to the Beach...from Manchester to Mulholland. Friends with out of town guests often ask me for different places to take their visitors while in L.A. Of course, there are the obvious, crowded places like Disneyland, Universal City, Magic Mountain, Grauman's Chinese Theater, Santa Monica Pier, Marina del Rey, the big museums (LACMA, MOCA, the Getty, Norton Simon, Huntington Gardens, L.A. Arboretum) and the cluster of downtown spots including Chinatown, Little Tokyo and Olvera Street. Then there's shopping in Beverly Hills, at The Grove and the Original Farmers Market, 3rd St. Promenade in Santa Monica, South Coast Plaza in Orange County, among other places.

I like to offer suggestions for out of the way places to visit. Here's a list of some of my faves:

The new and improved Griffith Park Observatory. We're going there this coming Friday with our out of town guests!

Hollyhock House in Barnsdall Park. A Frank Lloyd masterpiece.
Hollyhock House, photo by Mark Willis

The Museum of Jurassic door to the Center for Land Use Interpretation. Both of these museums are quirky and fun. The MJT has a tea room.

Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum. An extremely interesting collection of early California homes and gardens.

Watts Towers. An amazing feat of engineering, construction and mosaic madness.

The Adamson House. My favorite example of Malibu Tile used in a Spanish Revival home. The tour and gift shop are excellent and informative, plus you're right on the beach!
Tiled Kitchen at The Adamson House

Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Where many famous stars are buried. The grounds have been improved and this is a lovely spot for a picnic lunch.

William S. Hart Ranch. One of our early western movie stars. A working, rough and ready ranch near Magic Mountain.

Self-Realization Fellowship, Hollywood and Pacific Palisades. Both locations have beautiful gardens.

The Egyptian Theater. The home of the American Cinematheque. The building is beautiful and historic and the movies are faboo.

Artwork at the L.A. Metro Stations. This is one of my fave tours. You start downtown at Union Station...get on the Red Line and stop at every station to see the artwork. Then, zoom back on the Red Line to Union Station and pick up the Gold Line......continue viewing artwork. Along the way you can come up for air and food.

Don't get me started about great restaurants near all of these tourist attractions. If you want more detailed information on our travels around L.A., just go to the "search" window at the top of my blog and type in "Los Angeles." Many fun places will appear. For restaurant suggestions, go to my restaurant review blog and plan your sight-seeing trip around eating!

I love having out of town guests. We rarely stop and look around our town when we're on the go during our routine work week. Having guests forces us to really look at and experience the beautiful City of Los Angeles. Where are you favorite places to visit in L.A.?



At 12:50 PM PST, Anonymous MX said...

You're doing it to me again! I'm not making my annual pilgrimage this year for Christmas and that makes me very Scroogie!!

I love your pictures and blog!

At 12:51 PM PST, Anonymous Christine G. said...

I love Will Rogers State Park. The house is beautiful (and I think has been restored to even more fabulousness); and there used to be polo games on Sundays (I assume that's still true). Plus you can hike up the hill behind the stables, on the fire road.

I haven't gone in several years, but this was a great place to take my kids when they were little. They could run around, and you could see celebrities. Among others that I can't reacall, I've seen Jamie Lee Curtis there, and Helen Gurley Brown with her husband David Brown. The Browns were climbing up the fire road when we were on our way down. Helen looked at me and asked earnestly "are we almost to the top?". I assured her they were.

At 3:24 PM PST, Blogger Madge said...

So hard to narrow it down!

1. Petersen's Automotive Museum. That place rocks.
2. Vermont/Hillhurst Avenues.
3. If we have out of town guests in tow: Hollyweird. Grauman's Chinese Theater, Musso and Frank's, Capitol Records building, seeing the Hollywood sign from the Home Depot parking lot (the best place we've found to view the sign)...everyone we've taken there loves it.

At 10:38 AM PST, Blogger jenna! said...

In the category of willing to drive and off the beaten path I nominate:

1. Gamble House: Its beautiful, the tour is fun and it has a great gift shop.

2. House and Workshop of Sam Maloof: His house is such a woodworking masterpiece, the city moved it when it was in the way of the new arm of the 210 freeway. I mean, he handcarved the lock on the front door. His work is breathtaking. Incredibly inspiring.

At 5:29 PM PST, Blogger Molly said...

Ooooo! Thanks for the suggestions. These are places I want to see, myself.


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