Friday, August 22, 2008

Sock Shawl

I just finished crocheting my sock shawl. I received two different (but similar) skeins of sock yarn for my b-day. One from Mary Jo and the other from Audrey. I liked both colorways so much that I decided to alternate, every two rows for each skein and crochet a simple shawl. I used a size "G" crochet hook. After using up all 800 yards of sock yarn, I purchased another skein of Trekking XXL on sale at Yarns Unlimited and crocheted a border.
This would also make a great table runner!
After much blocking, it's now very drapey, lightweight, colorful and comfy! I love it! Thanks for the inspiration, Audrey and Mary Jo!

Thanks to my co-worker, Jessica, for modeling the shawl!

Have a great weekend!



At 12:28 PM PDT, Blogger Madge said...

Just in time for autumn! It looks super snuggly.

At 12:33 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the colors in this shawl, Ellen. What a smart idea to crochet with sock yarn!


At 3:27 PM PDT, Blogger woolanthropy said...

That shawl is gorgeous. I love the way the yarns play off each other. It's a stunner! Good job.

At 3:45 PM PDT, Blogger Lulu said...

thats so pretty

At 7:13 PM PDT, Blogger mj said...

Another gorgeous crochet item from the hook of Ellen!! It turned out great and I can't wait to see it in person.

At 8:49 PM PDT, Blogger inkberryblue said...

I think that the simple granny stitch you've chosen really shows off the beauty of the colour variegations in the yarn. I love the border too. =]

At 4:04 PM PDT, Blogger ladylinoleum said...

It looks awesome dahling!

At 7:42 AM PDT, Blogger Beverly said...

Found you through Message in a Bottle's blog ... the shawl is fabulous!


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