Friday, April 08, 2011

Deli Talk - Vintage Photo Friday

Sasha and Ellen, Chanukah 1956

I keep up with my cousin, Sasha sporadically. He's a high-powered attorney living in San Diego. We both grew up in the same area of Los Angeles. We're two years apart in age, and one letter apart in our names. Ellen and Allen....Bloom. Sasha is the Russian nickname for Allen, Alex, Alexander, etc. We've been in contact lately because of the passing of many elders in our family.

Sasha and Ellen, Family Party, 1982

Sasha loves sending text messages. Being somewhat of a delicatessen aficionado, Sasha texted the following from Manhattan, where he was recently visiting:

"The World famous Katz Deli in New York. Let's review, on a scale from 1-10:

Rye Bread - a 6. Where are the rye seeds?
Pastrami - a 9. Moist, seasoned beautifully.
Cheese Blintzes - a 7. Homemade applesauce would've been nice.
Chopped Liver - a very disappointing 4. Not enuf onion. Did they use a food processor?
Split Pea Soup - a Solid 7.5.
Pickles - a 9. Free and tasty.
Kasha Knish - a 6. Nice flavor but overcooked. Made yesterday?
Kishka - a 4. Even less fresh than knish.
Egg Cream - 8. Nice

Ambiance and pix of "When Harry Met Sally" - priceless.

Overall not even as good as Sarges Deli on 3rd Ave., NY. I give Katz's a 5.5 bump to a 6.5 cuz of character."

Langer's Deli, #19 Sandwich...Pastrami, Swiss, Cole Slaw

That Sasha, what a scream! Naturally, I replied and told Sasha to come back to his homeland, L.A. I must take him to Langer's Deli to try the divine #19!!

Ellen and Sasha, Culver City, 2009

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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At 6:23 PM PDT, Blogger Julie said...

Ellen, I was studying your top, wondering if it was a knitted Kaffe Fassett sweater, then I noticed what Sasha was wearing. Hook 'em, Sasha!

At 11:40 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Julie,
THanks for the comment. No, I'm not wearing a Kaffe Fassett sweater. That's an acrylic top I bought at Macy's about 5 years ago!

At 6:11 PM PDT, Blogger Z said...

I like that flower in the corner of your outfit. Nice. It goes perfect with what you are wearing.

And I love that movie, "When Harry met Sally". I've seen it about a thousand times, but I still watch it whenever it comes on.

Well, the good thing is, if I ever come up that way, I know exactly who I can ask for good places to eat.


At 8:34 AM PDT, Blogger Unknown said...

Luv this site and the photos and memories associated with Sasha and Ellen.


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