Friday, February 17, 2012

Mardi Gras - Vintage Photo Friday

Courtesy of L.A. Public Library photo collection: Photograph caption dated April 6, 1962 reads, "
Soupy And Pies Ready For Mardi Gras -- TV's pie-in-the-face man Soupy Sales informs three Valley officers of UCLA's Mardi Gras he will appear at the public fund-raising festival on the Westwood campus tonight and Saturday. Proceeds will go to support Uni Camp, the university's summer camp for under-priviledged children. With Soupy are, from left, Don Shubert, Joni Kerstein and Sue Schaefer."

All I knew about Mardi Gras when I was a kid was that it was a carnival in May at UCLA with lots of rides for the the kids. I think the fraternities, sororities and other school clubs sponsored the event. I remember going on all of the rides with friends from elementary school. I had no idea that it marked the beginning of Lent and was celebrated majorly in Louisiana and other places around the world. Hey! I was just a Jewish kid from the ghetto of Beverly Hills. We celebrated Purim!
Later in life I found out about the REAL Mardi Gras celebration. I became very interested in all aspects of Louisiana culture and music. I met my sweet Larry in New Orleans, even though we both lived in L.A. We've maintained our connection to this rich culture for the 20 years of our married life. I've never been to Mardi Gras in Louisiana, but I'm really looking forward to our 23rd Mardi Gras celebration at the Original Farmers Market this Saturday and Sunday. See y'all there! Bon Ton Roulet!

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At 5:52 AM PST, Blogger Jean said...

What an interesting thing to have in common. Bon Fete!!!!


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