Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Jacquie Descends Corporate Jet

I'd like to take off EVERY Friday from work to go on field trips with my friends!  Jacquie and Bob , visiting from Las Vegas, were in L.A. this weekend.  
We had a full day on Friday.  After checking out an estate sale in Los Feliz, we zipped down to El Segundo to visit the Flight Path Learning Center.  This is a small museum, staffed by ex-airline personnel.  It's filled with memorabilia of LAX's history.  There's a timeline detailing the development of the airport, paintings, maps, examples of pilot and stewardess uniforms, first class service, old airplanes and more.
PSA Stewardess
Mod PSA Stewardess Uniforms from the mid-1960's
We had the place to ourselves.  We even got to board a corporate mini-jet!  We LOVE this little museum.  The staff is very friendly and accommodating.  A huge plus....parking and admission are FREE.
airline seats

After touring the Flight Path Museum, we wound our way up the coast to Santa Monica and the Annenberg Community Beach House.  I'd visited the Beach House previously, but Larry, Jacquie or Bob had never been here.  This is a fairly new development.  
Annenberg Community Beach House

The old Sand and Sea Club (formerly the beach estate of actress Marion Davies) has been turned into a public beach house.  The old club was heavily damaged in the past few earthquakes, so it was demolished. The new facilities are fantastic.  

There are meeting rooms, pool changing rooms, showers, etc.  The original swimming pool is still in place.  You can rent a  chaise lounge by the pool and have access to the facilities during the season.  There is a restaurant a few steps away from the beach house called Back on the Beach.  We had lunch there after touring one of Marion Davies' original guest houses, still standing on the property.  
Back on the Beach Cafe

The guest house is in the style of Davies' original colonial beach estate.  It can be rented for private functions.
Postcard of Marion Davies at her beachfront estate
Davies Balcony
Larry, Jacquie, Ellen, Bob, Guest House Balcony
This was only the first day of excursions!!!  Stay tuned for more adventures with The Visitors from Vegas.

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At 4:29 PM PDT, Anonymous Jo Anne said...

oh so envious of a fun filled sun soaked beautiful day!

At 1:51 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL...When I first logged in, I thought you were flying around on your excursions! Between corporate jets and old estates it looks like you are doing a Grand Tour of the Luxurious LA lifestyle. I like it!

Christine G.


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