Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

It is a tradition in our household to create an original Valentine's Day card for each other every year.  In the early days, before Photoshop and computer graphics, actual drawing, painting, collage and pasting were in order.  One day I will collect all 22 years of original Valentines that Larry and I have made for each other and have a show!
This year, we have been actively obsessed with trying different Japanese ramen soup places around Los Angeles.  So my Valentine card to Larry represents this quest.

Last week, restaurant critic, Jonathan Gold published his top ten favorite ramen restaurants in L.A.  We've been to half of them.  Today we decided to try Tsujita on Sawtelle in what is now called Little Osaka.  We used to just call it Sawtelle!  Tsujita's chashu pork ramen was delicious.  The broth was very rich, though a touch on the salty side.  After lunch we strolled the street and looked into the interesting shops, ending up at Beard Papa for custard-filled cream puff!  Yummers.

Tsujita-LA on Sawtelle

Larry's Valentine to me utilizes "Levitated Mass," which is close to where we live.  The Rock has been a continuing theme in our lives this past year.  I LOVE Larry's Valentine!  Very powerful!

Tonight, my Sweet Valentine is accompanying me to the Valentine Swap, West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch at the Original Farmers Market so he can take photos of all of our yarny swap items.  That's true love!  Thank you, Sweetie.

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