Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Girl Dinette

Roasted Fennel Salad

I've written about Good Girl before.  It's a sweet place, just across the street and down the block from Future Studio in Highland Park.  This is Vietnamese home-style food....soups, porridge, salads and more.  It's all very fresh and healthy.  They use locally grown produce.  We ate there on Saturday night, during the NELA Art Crawl with Suzette and Mark.
Fresh Spring Rolls

Suzette and I ordered Grandpa's Porridge which is a soupy meal in a bowl with brown rice, chicken, and Napa cabbage.  Mark ordered some Fresh Spring Rolls for the table that were stuffed with tofu and herbs, served with a peanut sauce. Mark also ordered the Roasted Fennel Salad  with lemongrass chili oil along with the Pint-Sized order of vegetarian Pho.  
Mini-Vegie Pho
Grandma's Porridge
Grandma's Pho

Larry had Grandma's Pho with rice noodles and poached chicken breast, served with herbs.  The fellows also had glasses of the House-Made Tangerine Soda Pop.  
Tangerine Soda Pop

Everything was delicious.  Good Girl is definitely a must-visit place when you're in Highland Park!

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