Friday, June 28, 2013

Vintage Photo Friday

1960. Victor Barnaba, Photographer.  Photo from LA Public Library Archives

Above is a vintage photo of the Santa Monica Bank branch located on Pico Blvd. at 32nd Street, just west of the eastern border of the City of Santa Monica.  This building is currently a U.S. Bank branch.  The huge sign is gone, but many of the late 1950's architectural elements remain.  I love this building.  I love the arches, the poured concrete forms, the marble siding and the sleek lines of this little bank.  I pass by this location constantly.  Today, while I was searching for other photos I came across an Architectural Review Board application to alter this building when and if Chase Bank moves in.
U.S. Bank as it appears today, 2013.

Chase Bank has been unusually considerate in it's conversions of former Home Savings and Loan Buildings designed by Millard Sheets.  The beautiful mosaics have remained intact as have many of the stained glass interiors.  I only hope that Chase is as thoughtful in its remodel of this lovely little mid-20th century bank in East Santa Monica!  Thanks to the investigative work of Steven Keylon, we know that Weldon J. Fulton designed this building in 1956.

Bank Building, Rear
Textured Concrete at Rear of Bank Building
Stylish Overhang
West facing side of Bank Building
Marble, Tile and Textured Glass Block
...and don't forget those gorgeous concrete arches!
Yes, I love this building!  It's simple, elegant and innovative!
It's going to be a hot weekend in Los Angeles.  Stay cool and have a great time!

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