Tuesday, October 29, 2013

L.A. Eyeworks Sale

Stephanie, Diane and Larry

It was a foggy, cool Sunday morning when we arrived at the L.A. Eyeworks eyeglass frame sale.  There was a short line to get in.  We always meet interesting people in line.  Diane, Stephanie, Larry and I spied Jenna, her roommate and Todd through the window.
Jenna, behind the glass, sportin' some cool specs

Once inside, we tried on numerous frames while elbowing our way around the crowded tables.  I found at least 4 or 5 frames that I loved, but narrowed it down to just one fantastic pair. 
My 4-Eyed Friends

We were probably inside for almost an hour.  By the time we emerged, the sun was shining and the waiting customers pulled out the L.A. Eyeworks complimentary parasols for their wait.

We were in need of sustenance after all that shopping....next door!

Kinda' pearly beige on the outside, caramel and brown on the inside...yummy!

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