Monday, October 21, 2013

"Party" Patti

Hollywood Nights - View from Phil's Balcony

Another party celebrating Miss Patti's trip to Los Angeles....Friday night at Phil's place in Los Feliz.  This was truly a throw-back gathering.  Many of us hadn't visited since Miss Patti's last visit to L.A.  We used to see each other numerous times a week at various roots music gigs around town.  With the coming of our advanced ages, we just cannot manage to party during the week like we did in our younger days.  Sigh.
We knew we were in the right place when we spied the Californian Mediterranean-style 60's architecture of Phil's apartment!  The gold-veined mirrors in the lobby were the tip-off!

It was really fun sitting around and catching up with everyone.  This was an old-fashioned apartment party, just like the old days:  "With the hi-fi high and the lights down low;" a bowl of potato chips on the table, beer in the fridge; hard-stuff on the kitchen counter and ice in the sink!  We were young again....for a few hours.
Our hosts, Phil and Patti

King Cotton, Ellen and Paul

Elin with her signature Miss Patti "hello" kiss

Mari, looking glamorous!

Rock 'n Roll Buddies, Patti, Ellen and Joan

Joan and Ivette

Ginger, Paul, Patti and Steve DG

"Jersey" Steve and Larry

Thanks, Patti Doll, for coming to town and reuniting us!  Safe travels back to Louisiana!

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At 6:51 PM PDT, Blogger Patti Thornton said...

Well,I thought I hsd posted a comment,but I don't see it,so anyway! Great pictures and commentary,Ellen.We had a good time! Thanks!


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