Friday, September 12, 2014

Stay Cool - Vintage Photo Friday

Temperatures will be topping 100 degrees in Los Angeles this weekend.  In some places, it will be even hotter!  Ugh!  I thought summer was over.  How can I possibly even think about  knitting and/or crocheting a cozy sweater in this kind of weather? Double Ugh!
The Los Angeles area is blessed with a lot of swimming pools.  This is an excellent way to stay cool and even swim a bit for exercise.  Here are some fancy-shmancy pools in the L.A. area.  I wish we had a pool like one of these!
1950. Movie idol, Clark Gable, and his bride, the former Sylvia Stanley, are shown beside the pool at their home in Encino. Herald Examiner Photo Collection

1954. Pianist Liberace stands on the keys of his piano-shaped swimming pool at his Sherman Oaks home. Valley Times Collection

1939.  Swimming pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Ralph Morris Collection

We never had a pool when I was growing up.  When it got too hot, we'd head down to Santa Monica Beach or Malibu and hit the waves.  Luckily, I had plenty of friends and relatives with swimming pools.
1962.  Ellen at Aunt Frances' and Uncle Mort's Pool, Brentwood.

Hydrate and stay cool, my friends.

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