Thursday, February 26, 2015

#tbt - Throw Back Thursday, 1916

1916.  Los Angeles. My Mother's father, Sam, owned a second-hand clothing store in Downtown Los Angeles. I wish I knew the address of the store. This was before Sam got into the building business. He was a very industrious guy.

Brothers, Max and Sam Katz

The photo above looks to be from the same year, 1916. My Grandfather's brother, Max is on the left. Within the past few years we've managed to get back in contact with Max's grandchildren. I'm so glad that we did. This is probably Los Angeles, but it could be New Orleans. After leaving Eastern Europe, the Katz family settled in New Orleans. Sam, and then Max ventured up to Los Angeles to make their fortunes.

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At 1:14 PM PST, Blogger janeray1940 said...

Great pics! Apologies if this is obvious, but have you tried looking Sam's shop up in the old city directories at LAPL? Back when I used to do historical research I was always amazed at how I found 99% of what I was looking for in those.

At 1:58 PM PST, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

I haven't looked up my Grandfather's 2nd Hand Clothing Store in the City directories! Good idea, Marielle. Also, I'll try to ask my Mom...she might have an idea.


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