Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Valentine Celebration

We had a very enjoyable Valentine's Eve and Day! We decided to go out to dinner on the 13th, to avoid the crowds and general hub-bub of Valentine's restaurant patrons. We do not usually make a fuss about this Hallmark day. We just go out to eat at a place that we both like. This year we chose to dine at Papa Cristo's Greek Cafe, located inside their Greek market in the Byzantine-Latino Quarter, Pico and Normandie. The Cafe was very festive for the holiday. We saw a few couples that we knew and had a delicious dinner.

Octopodakia - Grilled baby octopus appetizer

Rack of Lamb w/potatoes, Greek salad

Baklava – with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce
Steve, Krista and Larry @ Papa Cristo's

The next day, Saturday, was actually Valentine's Day. I zoomed up to the Farmers Market to meet with my once-a-month Saturday WeHo Stitch 'n Bitch Group. Suzette knitted adorable little roses for each of us!!

Suzette's Roses

The Dot Sisters, Nancy and Jenna, with their tiny rose corsages

Another tradition that Larry and I have been maintaining for the past 23 years is that we create a Valentine's Day card for each other. This has become easier over the years with the advent of Photoshop and computer graphics! I just snapped a photo of some of the characters on our dresser. Larry went all out and created a combo-Valentine/Mardi Gras card for me. The mask over his face is actually an enlarged version of a beautiful costume jewelry pin he gave me for the occasion. What a Sweetie Pie!

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