Wednesday, February 18, 2015


CROCHETED FLOWERS.  This is the subject of a mini-class that I'm giving to my Knit and/or Crochet Guild next month. My friends and co-Guild members, Lenora and Peggy are teaching non-crocheters how to make an easy flower. I have the task of teaching a more complicated flower to people who already know how to crochet.
There are so many uses for crocheted flowers. Here's a list I plan to present to our Guild members:
Flowers can adorn a headband/bandeaux; hat band; applique for clothing, handbag, guest towels, pillow cases, linen or tote; join many flowers to create a shawl or garment; magnet topper; decorations, think Christmas tree or garland; drink coasters; pencil or pen toppers; center for potholders, washcloths, afghan squares; hair accessories; glue them around a picture frame; sachet bags; napkin rings and my friend, Eve reminded me about Yarn-Bombing possibilities!!
Basically, I make the same flower over and over.  It's a sculptural flower that can be made puffy and more puffy by adding more rows of puffs or popcorns.  I also make a petal style flower for larger displays. The look of the flower changes depending on the weight and texture of your yarn and the size of your hook. Once you learn how to make one flower, most of the patterns for other flowers are similar.  Here are a few examples:

Baby Sock Flowers

Bouquet of Flowers

Solid-color textural flower, hat adornment (Model: Natalie of Hollywood)


Beverage Coasters

A Tea Cozy is a hat with more holes

Flower Topper for Derby

Henny Penny Potholder with Flower Adornment

Flowers on the end of a scarf

Cotton Tawashi Flowers
Flowers joined to form a shawl

NOW, I just have to edit and refine my flower patterns and turn them into legible handouts!

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