Monday, April 20, 2015

We're Off to See the Wizard!

The Wizard of Bras, Monrovia

I took the day off Friday so I could take a class at Vogue Knitting Live in Pasadena.  It was a wonderful class with Kristy McGowan called "In-Depth Introduction to Top-Down Sweater Construction."  More about this convention of yarnies tomorrow.
Before my 2pm class in Pasadena, my friend, Diane and I drove out to Monrovia to visit The Wizard of Bras
When I hosted "Friday Night Blues Revue" on KPCC-FM Radio, I was in the Pasadena area EVERY week. I would visit all sorts of unusual stores before air-time. One of them was The Wizard of Bras. I love that store. They have every size, shape, color and fabric of undergarments for women available. The sales ladies give extra attention to fit and comfort. 

The store is literally on the Myrtle Avenue off-ramp of the 210 Freeway. You can't miss it. There's a small parking lot in back or street parking. The front room at the shop has all sorts of custom-to-fit bathing suits, hats, purses and more. When Diane and I walked into the shop, this darling girl (I cannot remember her first name, darn it) looked at me and asked if I wrote a blog. "Yes," I said. It's called L.A. Is My Beat." She smiled and said that she followed my blog. "Are you Ellen Bloom?" I am a sub-mini-celebrity in Monrovia! Naturally, I asked if I could get a discount at the store if I mention it on my blog.  "Maybe next time," Ms. Duran said.
My Blog-Fan

Anita came out from the back room, asked me a few questions and we went into the dressing room. Within about 10 minutes we found the bra of my dreams. The Wizard has a huge selection of brassieres and other under-garments.

Inventory at The Wizard of Bras.  Photo courtesy of Wizard Website
The Dressing Rooms are completely private. Photo courtesy of Wizard Website

I purchased two bras, one in beige and one in black. Another wonderful service at the Wizard of Bras is, that if you need any alterations after wearing your bra for awhile, they will do them, free of charge. After usual wear, the straps and elastic tend to stretch out. The seamstress at The Wizard will take them in so that your under-garment will fit you perfectly again. Also, if the hooks come loose, they will replace them. I was given an instruction flyer on how to wash and care for my bra. What a wonderful store!
After this arduous shopping trip, we were extremely hungry! We headed back to Pasadena and stopped at the legendary Pie 'n Burger for lunch. We needed fortification for our yarny adventures that afternoon!

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At 5:12 PM PDT, Blogger janeray1940 said...

I love the Wizard! Haven't stopped in since I left that side of town so many years back, but I should probably do something about that. Happy to hear they are still going strong.

At 5:14 PM PDT, Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Yes, The Wizard of Bras is a magical place! I must visit more often!

Marielle, Did you go to any of the ukulele festivals on Saturday?


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